Life is Lila

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Pre-requisite: Should have completed Expression of Bliss (EoB) seminar.

Duration: 10 full day residential retreat 

Location: Natural, scenic quite place

When silence overpowers then everything starts to look beautiful, everything becomes celebratory.  And the one who is living thus is a rare celebrity! 

  • This course goes to the root of problem of mankind, how it all started and how to get out of that so that the bliss that is mentioned by sages is actually realized
  • Various meditations which takes one beyond mind
  • One actually feels meditation throughout the day in whatever activity that is going on
  • Cannot say more about silence, let silence speak

Expression of Bliss

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Pre-requisite: Should have completed Blast of Oneness (BoO) seminar.

Duration: 3-4 full day residential retreat

Location: Natural, scenic quite place

Acharyaji: "The one who can be happy when alone and in silence can only accomplish peace amidst cacophony.  And the one who can remain happy in cacophony, only that person will be able to enjoy silent retreats".  So only after preparing the ground through prior seminars the student finds natural progression to full time PranDhyanTM retreat.  

  • The real gem of meditation techniques are covered in long sessions
  • Silence (Mouna) is observed most of the times
  • Amazing impact of PranDhyanTM is experienced
  • Spiritual experiments that broaden the horizon of awareness 
  • Discourses which explain the intricacies of mind.  The understanding of these discourses itself leads to silencing of mind. 

Blast of Oneness

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Pre-requisite: Should have completed Unfolding of Mysteries (UoM) seminar.

Oneness speaks when Oneness is felt.  It is an overwhelming presence compared to mundane existence. Each day of the course opens an insight and new dimensions of life.

The depth, clarity and precision of these seminars is such that any most advanced Yogi would feel humbled. That's not a probability, it's a certainty.  Try it yourself!

Duration: 15 hours.  Daily 2.5 hour classes for 6 days.

  • More Advanced PranDhyanTM Kriyas covered
  • Get immersed in the power of mantra magic
  • Nuggets of profound wisdom in a simple manner
  • Joyous co-existence all around
  • Compelling discussions

Unfolding of Mysteries

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Pre-requisite: Should have completed Awakening of Yoga (AoY) seminar.

As the name suggests one unravels, unfolds the mysteries of the mysterious One.  Scientific and penetrative wisdom of Kundalini Chakra Yoga starts to activate. One will clearly feel the healing effect of PranDhyanTM  much beyond the physical and mental realm.  One can easily reach the stage of unwavering meditation.

Duration: 12 hours.  Daily 2 hour classes for 6 days.

  • One understands the scientific base and inter-relatedness of several spiritual sciences.
  • Helps in overcoming religious divide as one gets to understand the base of spiritual practices in a scientific manner which anyone irrespective of any religion one is following wi
  • ll accept and admire.
  • In-depth yogic kriyas in proper sequence are covered. The technique and sequence of these kriyas are unique to PranDhyanTM.
  • One gets to see the significance of Yogic kriyas from the spiritual stand point and not just as physical exercise.
  • One understands why and how to live with sensitivity which is almost missing in current world.
  • Penetrative dialogue sessions